December 23rd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Now that it's been established to Elly's satisfaction that Phil is the sort of deviant who would probably shag neighborhood pets, it's time to introduce him to Connie. It may be today or tomorrow but it will happen.

ETA: It's probable that lady_ganesh is right when she says Phil made that blonde-nubile crack to one of the other guys in line without realizing that Mike overheard. If so, this strip could very well depict Elly not seeing that he's relatively blameless.

It'll be later in the week, I guess. Right now, the Pattersons have to begrudge their children their childhood.

Panel 1: A bleary-eyed John looks at a digital alarm clock that reads 5:45.

Panel 2: Reason: Mike and Liz are in their bedroom. He asks "You mean it's not Christmas yet?" while John and Elly glower at him.

Summary: John, Elly? Camera Three! I know that having the kids burst in your room might be a bit annoying but, God damn it, it's Christmas! Just paste on a plastic smile, tell them that it's not time to open presents yet, say something nice and put them back to bed for a few more hours; don't glare at them like they're space monsters because they're kids.

I know. It's stupid to expect them to treat Christmas any differently that they treat anything else; it's not the occasion for merriment and maybe a little magic. It's a terrible ordeal they have to sit back and take.