December 22nd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Now that we're back to Connie's doomed and out-of-continuity pursuit of Phil, we can probably expect a new-run or two that muddy the picture further. It may not happen today but it will happen.

Until then, we've got to have Elly be filled with rage because he has sexual urges.

Panel 1: Mike tells Elly that he and Phil had a neat time seein' Santa.

Panel 2: When they were comin' home, he asked him what he wanted from the Man in Red.

Panel 3: He then asks Elly what a blonde nubile wrapped in cellophane is.

Panel 4: This causes Elly to yell "PHILLIP!!!!!" because she's angry that Phil wants to have sex when he should be as frigid as she is. I'd yell at him for a different reason: he should want a nubile blonde wrapped in cellophane. Better you should expose a kid to kinky fantasies that bad grammar. Better still to not share your bizarre fantasies with a small child.

Summary: Elly believes that because Phil has a "healthy", active imagination, he's unsuitable for Connie. Wrong. He's unsuitable because he's the idiot who'd leave a Playboy lying around where anyone of any age can see it.