December 20th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 21 December 2008

I'd like to think that we'd have another Christmas-themed reprint today but Lynn is perfectly capable of producing a new-run that subverts last week's "We like to act like nitwits when we get a tree but it's worth it" message.

ETA: It is a new-run but it doesn't totally contradict last week's reprint. That's because the strip's pretty much a repeat of the Mother's Day Strip for 2008. The only difference (other than the characters' ages) is that RetJohn delivers the stupid punchline. This means RevElly's martyrdom and bee-grinding is mixed with his grinning dickishness.

Panel 1: We start off with RevElly's silhouette thought-bubbling that everyone's occupied. What they're occupied with is watching either a day game on Hockey Night in Canada or a U.S. College Football bowl game.

Panel 2: This means one thing to her: she has a break. You see, if they weren't focused on the box, they'd keep her from doing what she wants.

Panel 3: What she wants to do is take baked goods out of the oven....

Panel 4: ... get presents and wrapping paper out of a closet....

Panels 5-6: ... WRAP-WRAP-WRAP-WRAP them and CUT-TEAR-SNIP Scotch Tape and wrapping paper....

Panel 7: ... audibly wheeze as she carries them back upstairs in a manner guaranteed to be bad on her back.

Panel 8: ...and CLEAN-CLEAN-CLEAN the floor with a force that frightens the puppy.

Panel 9: As she heads back into the living room, RetJohn asks her if she did everything she wanted to do, honey. She says finally.

Panel 10 Her response to his declaration that Christmas is sure a busy time of year is to slump forward and have her eyes disappear. That's because he's been on the couch the whole time.

Summary: Lynn was clearly going for a "Men are lazy pigs" thing here but since we've seen RevElly go nuts when housework isn't done in the labor-intensive way she does it, we could just as easily tell ourselves that she didn't want RetJohn underfoot telling her how to do things his mother's way.