December 19th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 20 December 2008

If things in this strip actually made some sort of sense, we could expect Connie to throw herself at Phil today. Sadly, maggie_texas is right to point out that Lynn has no desire to make it coherent. Anything could happen today. We could see a pet strip, John being a dick, Mike being a brat, Elly nailing herself to her cross, Lizzie trying to cling to people like a barnacle, Phil being used as a mouthpiece for Lynn's inability to understand any genre of music that isn't country, anything.

I was right about Mike being a brat. That's something.

Panel 1: As she dresses him to go out, Elly tells Mike that if he doesn't behave, Phil won't take him to see Santa.

Panel 2: Phil does the discipline-helper thing by telling him that if Mike is grounded, he can't see Santa either.

Panel 3: Suddenly transmuting into one of those fake-sounding pseudo-children from a bad sitcom, Mike points out that Phil doesn't want to see Santa, he wants to check out the girls in elf suits.

Panel 4: Phil asks him if he's sure he's a kid. That all depends on what you mean by child, I guess. I do realize that a child Mike's age (whatever it is) might know Phil would be more interested in cute girls in skimpy costumes; the thing is that he'd be a lot more squicked out than this.

Summary: If Connie doesn't show up next week, it'll be the week after that.

ETA: I just noticed that Lynn removed the Core Four's years of birth. I think she finally realized that she couldn't make it timeless if she had a date of birth to tie them down to a specific era.