December 18th, 2008

Cynical Candiru

Friday, 19 December 2008

As you know, the focus of the plot must now shift to (Ret)Connie's doomed pursuit of (Re)Phil. We can look forward to differing styles of art and interpretations of events being mashed together. We can also probably look forward to an uneasy transition to that from this. Perhaps RevElly will nail herself to her cross today.

Maybe tomorrow. Today, Mike's got to bash jazz.

Panel 1: We start off with Phil playing his trumpet to the same sort of underwhelmed and dead-eyed children he'll end up teaching (Mike and Lizzie, to be specific.). The fact that we see stuff like PHWEEP-BLA-PA-DA-PA floating in the air instead of musical notes tells us one of two things; either Phil is a lousy trumpet player or Lynn hates music.

Panel 2: We see a panel filled with Rattica-tatta-taa. The ungodly racket has spooked Farley and bored Elly's helpless children.

Panel 3: As he gives an unimpressed Mike an unwanted pat on the head, he asks his jazz fans if they want to hear blues, pops or bee-bop next.

Panel 4: Since Mike says that he's drowning out Sesame Street in a tone that suggests that the big meanie was being mean by playing trumpet when Big Bird was on, I'd say "none of the above" was his choice.

Summary: Mike doesn't know much about music but he knows what he likes: bugger-bloody-all. He hates Elvis to this day because his parents' listening to the Man from Memphis cut into his time sacking out in front of the idiot box.