December 17th, 2008


Coffee Talk, 17 December 2008

I'm not quite sure when Lynn's Christmas vacation starts so we may or may not get a simple question answered all over again today.

ETA: The question for the day is "Are you tempted to give the characters in the new-runs personality traits they aren't going to have until much later?" Since Lynn honestly doesn't notice that she's doing just that, she says that the issue never arises. She also promises to actually show some of the arguments RetJohn and ReTed are supposed to have had. MMMMMmmmmmboy, I can just imagine that! They're be arguing about whether JSFF is big enough a macho jerkass.
Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 18 December 2008

I'd like to think that we'd get to see the reprint that has Phil declare that you're not supposed to diet during the holidays and thus become Pizza Claus but it seems to me that aprilp_katje is right to assume that today's strip is more filler material. Perhaps RetJohn and RePhil will take turns being horrified that they have to look at vegetables or mock RevElly or something.

It's "Phil, Paladin of Choke-Chew-Glumph-Glut."

Panel 1: As Phil SLICE-CHOP-CHOPs a pepperoni, Elly asks him what's going on.

Panel 2: He tells her that she can't put people on a diet before Christmas while KNEAD-PUSHing dough. After Christmas, perhaps, but not before. (It should be noted that the original dialog has been altered to match the distortion of the original timeline.)

Panel 3: He then tells a delighted John and Mike "LET THERE BE PIZZA!!"

Panel 4: John asks a defeated-looking Elly if she wants him to insult her brother.

Summary: This frees RePhil to be pursued by RetConnie. Let the whip-sawing between a realistic account of a bad relationship and the new-run style farce begin.

ETA: The latest banner is a friendly reminder that the studio is closed from today until the 5th of January. This probably means no Coffee Talk until the seventh. Assuming, that is, that she doesn't drop the feature.