December 16th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I think it's safe to say that today's strip is the one in which Phil nobly and heroically saves the downtrodden Pattersons from the evils of healthy food. This frees him up to be pursued by Elly's clingy, needy basket-case neighbor Connie, reject her for the evil that is music-for-its-own-sake, repent of his folly and eventually take a soul-destroyingly boring job teaching music approved of by bureaucrats to zombified, apathetic ten year olds.

Shows you what I know: she's got to set the conflict up first.

Panel 1: As Phil walks into 'his' bedroom, he says "Whoa! A room to myself." Mike is too busy being pissed that Lizzie is in his room to realize that his uncle expected to sleep on the sofa.

Panel 2: After having put his suitcase down, he and Mike go back out into the hallway. Elly asks him how long he'll be staying. He says until just after New Years. He then proves how closely he's related to her by asking if she has any food.

Panel 3: He opens the fridge door and is, like displeased, man. There's too much green, dude, and he asks Mike why that is.

Panel 4: Mike says that they hafta eat more vegetables, less sugar an' less starch.

Panel 5: He then rubs in the fact that Elly has gone mad and forced them to eat nasty, bland vegetables instead of good-tating meat and greasy foods by moaning that they have to watch what they eat while watching Phil eat.

Summary: This raises the question "Does the 'Like, Come On, Sis! Dieting at Christmas (or any other time) Is Bogus' strip appear tomorrow or Friday?"