December 12th, 2008

Angry Candiru

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Now that we've had a week of build-up, you'd think we'd actually get to meet RePhil today. I like to dream too but I doubt it. We have yet to have RevElly wring her hands and wish he could get a 'real' job like teaching music he hates to dead-eyed children who don't care.

Shows you what I know. We have an unbelievably revolting disaster to contend with.

Panel 1: As RevElly puts the toy instruments from yesterday's strip away, MikeClone (who's standing around watching Mommy do his job) tells her that Fauxley chewed up one of NeoLizic's diapers.

Panel 2: She asks him why he didn't get RetJohn to handle that. MikeClone explains that he's barricaded himself in his workshop.

Panel 3: She then asks him why he couldn't have dealt with it. When he says that he can't, she asks why not.

Panel 4: He says she's still wearing it. RevElly is, of course, gobsmacked. I, of course, am disgusted. A puppy chewing a loaded diaper that's still on a child (who he could easily chewed on too) due to a witless failure to supervise either is supposedly funny? Only if you're a fucking looney-tune.

Summary: Suddenly, suburban life isn't looking all that good to her. Equally suddenly, we're reminded yet again that Lynn has gone bonko.

ETA: Lynn to her fandom: "Never mind the horror, here's a holiday-themed banner."