December 11th, 2008


Friday, 12 December 2008

Now that we've seemingly shifted from worrying about the whole RetConnie/RePhil thing to worrying about what MikeClone will do to NeoLizic, it seems to me that Lynn has a bunch of reprints that show him tormenting her to 'bless' us with. Oh, joy. Oh, bliss. Oh, SQUICK!! Not only do we have RetConnie looking like she's trying to find a beard like RevElly did, MikeClone looked like he wants to experiment with inappropriate touching yesterday.

We whipsaw from unintentional perversion to intentional sappiness.

Panel 1: It's later in the day at the Pattermanse. As RetJohn clears the table 'improperly', MikeClone asks RevElly if RePhil will bring his trumpet. She tells him that he's got three or four that he always brings with him.

Panel 2: As RetJohn takes NeoLizic out of her highchair in a manner that makes her look like a gaffed trout, MikeClone asks if he'll play the trumpet. She says that he must practice so yes, he'll being playing a lot. MikeCLone says cool.

Panel 3: MikeClone and NeoLizic gather up all the toy instruments they can find.

Panel 4: As they play them, RetJohn says that they'll have a house full of music.

Summary: If I didn't know that both these children would wind up declaring that playing music was boring and they hated it (translation: they didn't have the discipline needed to do well) to the secret approval of parents who thought that music for its own sake was a bad thing, I might like this better.