December 9th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

It's Day Three of "RetConnie: Stalker with a Crush" so we should probably see the arrival of the object of her exaggerated affection, RePhil, soon. Given Lynn's distrust of and antipathy towards professional musicians, he'll probably be playing Warren or Paul to her Lizardbreath.

He doesn't show today. All we got is RevElly playing Cassandra.

Panel 1: We start of with RevElly putting NeoLizic to bed; as she does so, she tells RetConnie that RePhil's life is too hectic for any serious relationships so she shouldn't get any ideas. RetConnie's response: "Who, me?"

Panel 2: She was just asking, she whines. It was, you see, a matter of interest to her to see if he was "taken" or not.

Panel 3: The fact that she too is single is a moot point, she says. Her emphasis on pointing out that fact makes a lie out of her argument.

Panel 4: RevElly tells her she saw right through her attempt to hide her hunger for a man by saying that that's debatable.

Summary: RevElly might know that, despite what she said, RetConnie will still make a play for RePhil but wringing her hands and making bad wordplay is the only thing she'll do to try to stop this train wreck.

The Foob entry @ TVTropes

I like to fool around the TVTropes Wiki when I've got nothing better to do online - or when I'm trying to procrastinate about stuff I really should be doing! At any rate, as an online hobby, especially for wannabe writers, I highly recommend it.

Reason I bring this up here is that, as some of you know, For Better or For Worse has a fairly extensive page of its own on the wiki and I've just recently rewritten a big chunk of the header, along with adding a few examples (notably 'Narm'). Just wanted to compliment those here who've added to the page, hope I'm not stepping on any toes, and provide a heads-up for anyone else who wanted to contribute. :)
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