December 8th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

As you may have guessed, we're about to see RePhil's grand entrance into the strip. In the real past, Phil thought that Connie was interesting company but wasn't really looking for a wife at that point in his life; Connie's reaction to that was disappointment; it was also the point where she stopped being a shrill, one-note straw-woman feminist and became the lonely woman wanting to give her and her son a hooooooooome. If there are new-runs, they'll likely be variations on the theme "Dear God, let it be him or I will stick my head in the oven again."

It's a new-run that has RetConnie eager to know if RePhil is taken.

Panel 1: As we see an eyeless RevElly chop vegetables for the stew that is one of the few dishes she knows how to make, RetConnie asks her to tell her about her brother; she wants to know more about him.

Panel 2: She knows he's attractive - a talented musician - with a great sense of humor. (This is probably meant to simulate a stereotypical teenage girl talking about a dishy guy in a breathy tome of voice.)

Panel 3: She catches her breath but maintains her giddy enthusiasm as she reminds us that she also knows that he went to school in Vancouver (because he didn't move halfway across the country to give his parents the middle finger for no reason), he's worked on crusie ships and lives in Montreal.

Panel 4: It would seem at this point she knows him fairly well but we haven't got to any important-to-her information yet. This is because she wants to know if he has a girlfriend before she learns anything else.

Summary: We're in for some sucky 'romance' strips that call to mind the 'glory' days of the build-up to the Settlepocalypse. Watch RePhil be RetConnie's Own Personal Warren Blackwood. (Dr. Ted-ious, of course, being Paul Wright's predecessor.)