December 2nd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

So far this week, we've had two reprints that featured Annie boasting about how she was martyring herself by eating sensible foods in rational portions. This leads me to believe that howtheduck is right to believe that New-Run Phil is on his way; that's because Elly will want to show that she too can subject herself and her family to the torment of eating like sane people only to have Baby Brother whine that since it's Christmas, they have to eat in a mannner that would repulse Son Goku.

Panel 1: Elly announces to her less-than-happy family that it's diet time.

Panel 2: Starting tonight, they'll all count their calories and learn to like cottage cheese. John and Mike are really not happy about this because not only are males stereotypically supposed to hate vegetables, the broccoli looks as if it came from an irradiation experiment.

Panel 3: John and Mike point out that they don't need to diet. She says that she knows that.

Panel 4: She just hates to suffer alone.

Summary: This, friends, is the dawn of the Patterson children thinking that healthy food is a punishment. Happy CHOMP-CHEW-Choke-SLURP-GLUMMMMPPPPHHH to you all.