November 28th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Knowing Lynn, she'll probably roll out the reprint "Deanna-fat-as-a-pianna"-SMACK-"she-touched-me" today. The juxtaposition of children acting their ages with the crap we've seen this week is a sad reminder of how much Lynn's talent has eroded. It also reminds us that she thinks people want to see this when they really deep down don't; the Kool Aid Quaffers wouldn't care in the least if she went into straight reprints.

Maybe later. Right now, Mike has to not know what personal responsibility is.

Panel 1: We're at the Pattermanse and Elly points out that Mike has a stain on his sweater. He says that's because he didn't have his painting shirt.

Panel 2: She says that she gave it to him this morning by putting it at the end of his bed.

Panel 3: She also reminded him to take it with him twice. If it wasn't in his backpack, there's only one person he can blame.

Panel 4: This causes him to be so confused that a question mark appears over his head. It couldn't possibly be his own fault because Mom is supposed to do his thinking for him but she seems to be trying to tell him that he's responsible for his own problems, which doesn't make sense, so he's sort of stuck.

Panel 5: He then asks her if he's supposed to guess who that person is.

Summary: This looks cute but when you remember that this unpalatable jerk spends the rest of his life blaming everybody but himself for his problems, it's not funny.