November 26th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, 26 November 2008

As you know, last week's Coffee Talk was a break from the usual pattern of someobody asking something that appeared in Q and Eh?; let's see if that holds true this week.

ETA: It's sort of true; this week's letter praises Lynn for her skill as an illustrator. Lynn responds by boasting about the research she doesn't do, mugging for the camera like a third-grader, complaining about shoddy artwork (while not acknowledging how poor her own is) and telling new artists to do things she has no time for.
Indignant Candiru

Thursday, 27 November 2008

It's Day Four of the introduction of New-run Deanna. As you know, the original version was a cute little girl who wasn't afraid to hit back hard and be offended when subjected to ill-treatment at the hands of Mikerobe. Too bad that Lynn can only seem to remember the oh-so-accomodating modern day version who's willing to take crap so she can get her hooks into the little turkey; that's not a very good way to wish her American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. It's even more annoying than the banner she'll subject us to. (My guess is that it'll have the Foobs getting ready to Pattersnarf.)

hmmmmm......Maybe she's setting up why they fought all the time.

Panel 1: We start off with her asking what he's painting. His answer:"Nothin'. Just a picture of my dog."

Panel 2: She asks the puppy's name. On being told "Farley", she says that's a nice name.

Panel 3: She the goes out of her way to remind him not to get the shirt he's supposed to get dirty dirty because it's her dad's shirt.

Panel 4: After she goes back to her own seat, Mike "DUMP"s a bunch of paint on his shirt. This may have something to do with the fact that the table is now two feet taller than it was a second ago.

Summary: Cue the pointless argument. After all, if she didn't want her dad's shirt to get paint on it (paint that washes out no problem thus rendering her oncoming tantrum irrelevant), then why offer it to some sucker?

ETA: As expected, Lynn wishes her American fans a happy Thanskgiving by showing the Pattersons about to attack a turkey.
Hells Yes!

Spilled My Beans

Total and complete fail for promoting feeding table scraps to dogs the other day. Absolutely no vet with any intelligence would tell a client anything other than to NOT feed her dog scraps.
That has been strongly discouraged for many, many years by the veterinary profession on the grounds it is EXTREMELY unhealthy and possibly even toxic for dogs if they eat the wrong thing. Working as a vet tech, I've seen the results of people feeding pets table scraps, and it's easily described in a few words: needlessly obese and unhealthy pet.

The strip is, at best, incredibly boring and not overly amusing since the reruns started. Please, totally retire and make space for an artist with something fresh and interesting to say. You've had a good run, now hang it up. It's truly sad you didn't learn from the example of Larson and Watterson and retire when the strip was good. By refusing to let go, what more and more fans remember of FBOFW is how good it USED to be and how the quality has dropped. Unlike Watterson and Larson, fans don't want more because we've seen what you have to serve up and it's not at all appetizing.