November 24th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The theme this week is obviously going to be "Mike goes to school". As I remember, he was an attention-seeking pain in the ass who never followed the rules and lived to torment a girl named Deanna who would later avenge herself by turning him into her puppet; he also had teachers who wouldn't or couldn't put a halt to his shit and thus handed Elly a bunch of weasel words about how "special" and "challenging" he was. Great. More Fooby kid stuff. Doesn't she have a kids' book about a wonder dog to flog?

Panel 1: We start off with Michael shyly trading greetings with the master manipulator who will one day control his lifea girl.

Panel 2: Lawrence tries to get him to admit that he likes her. Mike says that he doesn't like girls to which Lawrence responds that he likes "that" one. Way to foreshadow his outing, Lynn.

Panel 3: Mike tries to explain that there's no reason he would like her: he never talks to her or has lunch with her or refers to her by name or anything. Lawrence explains that he knows all that...

Panel 4: ...but every time she passes by, Mike smiles funny. As by way of demonstration, Mike channels Alfred E Neuman.

Summary: We're in for a series of strips wherein Mike does a bunch of stupid stuff to try to get Deanna's attention.