November 21st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 22 November 2008

It seems to me that today's strip is going to be a new-run that has John step in and tell Mike that if he keeps up the way he's going, he's going to either hurt or kill Farley. This has two advantages from Lynn's standpoint. First off, it allows her to say that she pays more than lip service to an issue. Secondly, it allows her to portray RodJohn as an insensitive brute who rules by fear. Of course, I could be wrong and we'll end up having to see another example of sibling rivalry or one of Elly's neighbors responding to her leaden wordplay with a sticky-out tongue laugh.

It's Elly moaning that she can't save money on pet food.

Panel 1: Elly is on the phone asking to speak to the veterinarian.

Panel 2: She asks a Doctor Schell how long it will be before she can feed her puppy table scraps.

Panel 3: The response causes her to yell "REALLY?"

Panel 4: As she looks down at a plate of her terrible home cooking, she moans about having to clean off her kids' leftovers for another six months. This irritates me because I was expecting the doc to tell her "you can't feed a dog table scraps ever."

Summary: The notion that there'd actually be leftovers after a typical Patterson meal (CHOMP! CHEW! GLUT! SHLLLOORRRK!!!) is almost as astonishing as the knowledge that there's a vet out there who'd be reckless enough to tell someone to give a dog people food. This is not to say that once in a while he couldn't be allowed something as a treat but to use him as a free garbage disposal is stupid.