November 16th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 17 November 2008

Since we're going to be overdosing on Farley for the next little while, I'd say we're about to be subjected to josephusrex's favorite absurdity: Elly's belief that you can give a dog too much affection.

Well, someone is getting too much affection from a source he doesn't want. That's because it's the reprint that I mentioned last week where Mike is all happy because Farley is licking him but yells YUCK because Lizzie kisses him.

Panel 1: Farley licks Mike while Lizzie watches. Mike has fun.

Panel 2: It's like Panel 1 except that Lizzie is a bit closer than she was.

Panel 3: Lizzie kisses Michael.

Panel 4: He yells "YUCK!!" and wipes off his face so he doesn't get Lizzie's cooties.

This means that we're in for a week of Mike being too affectionate with Farley for Elly's comfort.

Collection Recap: "The Lives Behind the Lines" (Part 1)

This collection was so large that I've broken the recap into different sections.  I didn't intend to transcribe the book, but feel that I've come close.  There are two reasons behind this: one is due to the inconsistencies I couldn't help finding, and the other because of the possibility that these details will help with the various foefics.

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