November 11th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It seems to me that just maybe the reprint I talked about yesterday might show up on Saturday. If so, that probably means that we have three more new-runs that show Elly sucking at dealing with puppy training; the end result of that is Farley being taken to obedience school.

Perhaps Elly would benefit from that as well. It might have been able to teach her that Farley won't ever understand English.

Panel 1: We see her chasing after a teething Farley because he's chewing a slipper. Lynn "explains" to us that he's chewing on it by the use of lame sound effects. Her reasoning is that if we didn't see "CHEW! CHEW! SLUBBR! SLUPP! CHOMP! CHEW!" floating over his head, we wouldn't know what he was doing.

Panel 2: Next, she's horrified because he's choking ("CHEW-CHOMP-CHOFF-CHEW-MUNCH-CHOMP-CHEW-CHEW") on a pillow.

Panel 3: She has a solution, though: explain to him that she has his chewtoy for him to use while he's teething.

Panel 4: She next says that that's just for you to chew on, good boy.

Panel 5: Too bad Farley only understood that for some reason she was happy. That means he won't understand why she's about to yell at him for gnawing (GRUNCH-CHEW-CRUNCH) a table leg.

Summary: Get him to obedience school, stat. And make sure Elly reads the literature instead of skimming through it.