November 5th, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I think dreadedcandiru2 was having computer issues lately and may not be able to post, so hopefully he won't mind if I go ahead and get this one started? I'll delete this if he shows up before anyone is able to comment.

Today is the strip where Connie gives Elly a lecture. It's an old-run, but the dialogue is TOTALLY changed. Okay, not totally, but significantly. No more talk of psychological warfare and manipulation from John.

Edited: I'm removing the link to the original strip since it was posted in a locked entry- I'll let that person re-post it if she wants to. But in the meantime, here's the original dialogue:
Panel 2- "This is psychological warfare! John has done this to keep you at home!"
Panel 3- "Don't you see? It's a plot to curb your need for freedom and self-expression!"
Panels 1 & 4 are unchanged.

Edited again: You'd think that if Lynn were going to take the time to change the dialogue here, she'd also try to fix Connie's fingers in that first panel. It looks like her hand is melting.