November 1st, 2008

Disgusted Candiru

Saturday, 1 November 2008

I have to tell you, I hope howtheduck is right when he suggests that the reprint that has Mrs Baird treat Elly's maternal feelings as a source of humor is replaced. It's sort of appalling for her to toy with a woman's sympathies like she was a fool.

Crap. Elly gets treated like an idiot after all. It amazes me to this day how callous the old bat is.

This is because in the first panel, she delivers the speech about how since Farley is a runt, she might have to put him down. In the second panel, Elly is visibly heartbroken at hearing the sad story of a poor, lost, lonely abandoned creature who needs her, Elly Patterson, to survive. The need to protect this allegedly defenseless creature from a cruel fate instilled in her is treated as a joke by a huckster and a boor. In retrospect, it seems to me that Elly's feelings on the issue were as an obstacle to be worked around by any means necessary by all parties concerned; nobody took them or her very seriously. In this context, Connie's attempt to get her angry seems like a godsend, especially since Elly needs to know that she never did have the power of life and death over Farley. (I wonder how long it took for to her to figure out she got hosed.)

ETA: Speaking of which, I hope I see a new-run similar to this immediately following "But he's so CUTE!!":

Panel 1: Elly: Besides, you weren't there. You didn't see the pathetic expression in his eyes.

Panel 2: Elly: When I looked at the dumb creature's sad face, I knew I couldn't possibly say 'No' to him.
Connie: Who? The puppy?

Panel 3: Elly [smirking]: Nope. John.
Connie: [Sticky-out-tongue laugh.]
Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 2 November 2008

It's the first Sunday strip of the post-Farley era here in Retconland so I expect to see him front and center. The full analysis will appear when I see the throw-away panels tomorrow.

ETA: Well, I goofed again. Silly me, expecting the Sundayverse to synch up now that we're in Retcon Country. It's a post-Halloween strip from 1980 that has John being a ranting hypocrite about the evils of excess candy consumption.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike mentally cataloging and wolfing down his haul from a busy night's trick or treating.

Panel 2: This attracts the disgusted attention of JSF. Typical. His wife is overburdened and he sits and smiles but let there be candy in his presence and he harrumphs "What a pile of junk."

Panel 3: He starts in with an angry tirade about how he, as a dentist, would like to make a formal complaint about all the candy consumed on Halloween. Fortunately for Mike, he's used to his dad's ranting so he's tuned him out.

Panel 4: He rants about how people eat enough crap without the candy-mania that arrives every so often; people should eat healthier. Coming from a guy who eats greaseburgers with extra bacon, that's a laugh. It's also hypocritical balderdash. While he's talking smack, Mike notices something rotten in the state of Candyland.

Panel 5: Y'see, he had two Whoopie bars and now they're gone.

Panel 6: He'd like very much to know who the rat that ate them is.

Panel 7: He quickly finds out: it's John "Do as I say, not as I hope you don't find out I do" Patterson, DDS (Dimwitted Dental Stupido).

Summary: John can eat all the candy he wants because his name is on the mortgage; he feeds and clothes Michael so all the candy belongs to him.