October 30th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 31 October 2008

As you know, the next strip in sequence is the one wherein Elly is told she has the power of life and death over the puppy:

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Of course, we might get another new-run that shows Mrs Baird telling John that she can steamroll over Elly's objections. What we won't get is any acknowledgment from Lynn of the irony that surrounds his entry into their lives. As howtheduck said, if Elly had stayed home and not gone over to prevent things, she'd never have been given the hard sell and the Pattersons would probably have remained dog-free for a while. Too bad her future resentment of the poor fellow is based on the fact that she thinks her screw ups are John's fault.

Well, I was right about the new-run and my thing about Mike's whining in my blog entry for today is still valid.

Panel 1: As Elly holds the puppy, Mike delivers a wall of text about how Mrs-Baird-said-I-could-hold-him-Isn't-he-soft-and-cute-I-LOVE-him...

Panel 2:...he-likes-to-snuggle-he-licks-your-hands-an'-ev'rything...

Panel 3: ...he-wants-us-to-take-him-hooooooome!!! Elly responds that she doesn't want a puppy. [Not, of course, in the name of protecting Lizzie though. That would be way too smart an idea for her to have. She just wants to score points in some sick mind game and an innocent dog is her football.] Mike's response: But MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM....

Panel 4:...he wants us!! It should be noted that Mike shows his sincerity by looking like he has no eyelids. Also, the dog scarcely acknowledges their presences. He might as well be the damned plush, he's so lifeless.

Summary: Unless Lynn changes her mind about who it is that convinces Elly that the puppy needs her, tomorrow's strip is the reprint I linked to at the top of the header.