October 29th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Toddler plus Dog Equals FOOBar: the unexplored issue.

It seems to me that Lynn has ignored a very important reason that the Pattersons ought not have a dog at this point in their lives: the issue of child safety. So far as I can recall there has been very little attention paid to the very real threat that an active pet poses to a child under five. It may be that Connie's objection to Elly falling for Mrs Baird's trap is that her friend will have to spend her time hovering over Lizzie; too bad that Elly seems more focused on cleaning up after the dog than making sure her kid doesn't get hurt. This is why we had a blanket "No" last Labor Day week instead of a "Not yet."
Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 30 October 2008

It seems to me that today's strip would have the punchline "This is a trap, isn't it?" It seems to me that Lynn's stalled Elly's making the scene long enough so we should be seeing this blast from the past...

Panel 1: As she picks up Lizzie, Elly reminds herself that John and Mike have been looking at those filthy, smelly, nasty, disease-ridden puppies for an hour now. That's, as I said, long enough for them to have bonded with them.

Panel 2: As she dresses herself and Lizzie to go out, she says to herself she has to see what's keeping them. Translation: she has to go over there and make a reasoned argument about why the Pattersons don't need a dog. John's referring to her reasoned arguments as being indistinguishable from temper tantrums is proof of his chauvinistic villainy.

Panel 3: As she makes the scene, we see John holding a cute little dog as Mike looks at its littermates while Mrs Baird smiles at her. You will note that Elly is the only person in frame not happily captivated by them.

Panel 4: She then asks a mildly embarrassed John if this is a trap. My answer is that "Yes but he ain't the one laying it."

....today. Friday's would be the one wherein Elly was told she had the power of life and death over Farley and Saturday, she gets whizzed on.

ETA: Check out the latest photos of Lynn with the Farley Plush. The pictures give you an idea both of the thing's size and Lynn's precarious mental state.