October 26th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 27 October 2008

It seems to me that Lynn is going to keep another promise now that Farley is about to make the scene; I'm almost sure that we're heading into a week of solid reprints. Too bad Lynn put the hygienist sequence up first; that tells me there'll be a new-run spin on what Connie really means when she says that John wants to curb Elly's need for freedom and self-expression. [^cough^clean up dog poop while he cheats on you*cough*] That being said, let's sit back and watch the nonsense.

Said nonsense is, as we all know by now, Elly flipping out because Mike tells her and John about the puppies.

Panel 1: Mike bursts in the kitchen and tells John that Mrs Baird's sheepdog had puppies and said that they could come see them, daddy, daddy, PLEEEEEEASE, can we go?!?!?!?

Panel 2: As he puts his coat on, John reassures danimal-hater Elly that he's just going to look.

Panel 3: That's all well and good but if he comes back with a filthy, nasty, disease-spreading fur-pet, SHE QUITS!!!!!

Summary: We all know how resolute she ends up being despite tomorrow's epic piece of tension wherein she worries that Mike and John have been gone long enough to actually want a dog. All Mrs Baird has to do is tell her a flat-out lie.