October 14th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thanks to Lynn's breaking her promise of a 50-50 split between old and new material, we know that this:

Panel 1: An irate Elly expresses her frustration at John by telling him what he's done wrong: hiring a good-looking person over the more qualified one.

Panel 2: As rage gives way to tears, she points out that looks have nothing to do with ability and it's only 'chauvenists' like JSF who keep hiring good looking imbeciles because they want to cheat on herdecorate their offices with dumb but beautiful women.

Panel 3: In what has to be THE single most inept attempt to console someone ever, Doctor Stupid reminds her someone has to hire them.

will greet us this morning. Anyone wanna bet that she doesn't correct the typo? Trying and failing to make it timeless is one thing but corrupting the purity of her vision by using correct spelling and grammar is quite another. What's important is demonstrating that John is a clueless, selfish dick who doesn't care what Elly thinks.

ETA: She corrected the misspelling. Too bad that she didn't correct the assumption that a sane man would actually SAY what John said or think what he does. She's got it in her head that Rod was cheating on her from the get-go and we have to deal with the end result of her paranoia.