October 12th, 2008

Bemused Candiru

Monday, 13 October 2008

Thanks to aprilp_katje and fairest1, we know know what will greet us Monday: the reprint that sets up John's making the stupid choice.

Panel 1: A morose-looking John tells Ted that this is it; 'it' finally happened.

Panel 2: After all this time, all they've been through together, she's finally leaving him. Ted looks shocked; he thought his pal's marriage was as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

Panel 3: This is why there are tears running down his face as John pours out his heart about how he thought that he'd treated her well and given her everything. He might not like Elly but he can feel for his friend in his hour of need.

Panel 4: When John moans that he'll never find a hygienist as good as Marie, Ted looks as if he just ate a bug because:

a) John made another mountain out of a molehill.


b) He already knows that John is in between hygienists.

Summary: Not only does this not make much sense given the strip we saw Saturday, it also shows us that Lynn's depiction of men has deteriorated. It also tells me that this strip which I thought ran tomorrow:

Panel 1: As Elly feeds Lizzie, Stupido tells her that he's narrowed the field of five candidates for Marie's replacement to two.

Panel 2: The first has great references, has tons of experience and is making a career of her work.

Panel 3: This piques Elly's curiosity. After all, if the first is perfect for the job, she knows that John must have an ulterior motive for keeping the inferior candidate in the running. She asks him what that motive is.

Panel 4: A sheepishly-grinning John tells a disbelieving Elly that Number Two's qualification is her looks. In the old days, he said Cheryl Ladd. Here in RetconLand, it'll probably be a more generic term like "bikini model."

appears later in the week and is surrounded by a bunch of filler that shows us that John is a male chauvinist pig. It will also show that Lynn spells chauvinist "chauvenist".

ETA: She doesn't have the strip up yet but she does remember it's Canadian Thanksgiving.

A Look at Lynn Johnston

I posted this last night to howtheduck 'sblog but thought it could go here as well.  It's a 14 minute look at LJ broadcast way back on September 23, 1980, when she was still living in the hotbed of adultery northern Manitoba town of Lynn Lake.  It's very timely to watch, as it shows that Rod's dental assistant looked like Cheryl Ladd.

A Look at Lynn Johnston (CBC Archives)