October 11th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 12 October 2008

It being Thanksgiving Weekend here in the Great Wiped-out North, I expect to see a holiday-themed chunk of insanity as a calm before next week's storm. Let's see how MikeClone ruins Turkey Day for everyone by his insistence on acting like he's five or something.

ETA: Actually, it's a pretty benign outing that's only slightly marred by John, who's groaning under the weight of an idiot ball the size of his hovercar, coming in at the end and being stupid.

Panel 1: It's a rainy, windy autumn day outside the Pattermanse. Given that it's in silhouette and drawn with a straight-edge, we're looking at new-run.

Panel 2: We see MikeClone and NeoLizic in silhouette.

Panel 3: And then we see their bored faces.

Panel 4: MikeClone reacts to his boredom by yelling at nothing in particular. I can think of something specific to yell about: his not being able to think of anything to do on his own. In any event, he catches RevElly's attention.

Panel 5: She hands him a paint set and some paper to fill his empty time.

Panel 6: They then have fun cooking muffins.

Panel 7: We see MikeClone and NeoLizic enjoying themselves. It strikes me as odd that while in real life, they'd have done this of their own accord they had to have RevElly tell them what to do.

Panel 8: In any event, RetJohn comes in and asks what happened.

Panel 9: As he surveys the awful prospect of a house that actually looks like small children live in it, RevElly tells him it was a rainy day.

Summary: This is Lynn nudging us in the ribcage and telling us "Look, look! RevElly does more than yell at her kids. She actually plays with them."