October 10th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Saturday, 11 October 2008

It seems fairly clear that tomorrow's coda will be a new-run. It also seems clear that RevElly will take out her anger at RetJohn on a target of opprtunity: MikeClone. As we know, this is her pattern; she never addresses an issue openly when she can be disproportionately angry at someone who has the bad luck of getting in her way. She might even have Young Flapandhonk echo Monday's punchline by calling someone worthless.

Whaddaya know? He proves he is worthless!

Panel 1: We start off with Jean telling John that she has some bad news.

Panel 2: It seems that Marie, the dental hygienist that told Elly what a stickler for cleanliness he was, turned in her papers. It seems that her husband got a big promotion and has to leave town. John whines that she just got off maternity leave.

Panel 3: Jean informs him that it's a big promotion and they're leaving right away. Jackass whines that he needs a coffee.

Panel 4: John tells Ted women drive him crazy. Ted boasts that's why he's still single. Both men are loaded to the gills with shit. John is just sore because he found out he isn't in charge of Marie while Ted is under the thumb of a domineering old biddy who turns him against female contemporaries because of barely-suppressed incestuous impulses.

Summary: This sets up the irritating arc in which Doctor Jackass hires a less qualified woman because she looks like Cheryl Tiegs; it also adds fuel to Elly's paranoia owing to his witless and huffy refusal to take her fears seriously. See what I mean about his being worthless?

ETA: aprilp_katje will probably post the relevant material by Sunday at the latest.