October 8th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 9 October 2008

As you know, the next strip in sequence is the one wherein Elly lists all the qualifications she thought a second husband should have to which John responds "How the HELL did you end up with ME?" The absence of the strip wherein she reassures John, who doubtless had a bug put in his ear by an insurance salesman, that his worries, while real and coming from a desire to help, are affecting him adversely has robbed the sequence of the sweetness it originally possessed. The end result is that RetJohn looks like a jerk. Let's see if Lynn puts a spacer in between Wednesday's reprint and the one I described.

Okay. No spacer. Just John getting owned because, as trumanf said, Elly describes Paul Wright.

Panel 1: The Pattersons are getting dressed for another day of suburban ennui as Elly tells John that his replacement would be tall, dark, handsome....

Panel 2: ...witty, warm, self-assured, well-educated, financially secure, good with kids and so on and so forth.

Panel 3: Realizing that Elly thinks of him as none of those great things, John delivers the payoff question.

Summary: Because Chinnuts said marrying you would be the stupidest mistake she'd ever make is how the Hell, idiot!! We're about to spend two days being reminded of it, too.