October 7th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

It seems to me that there will most likely be a new-run inserted in between "BAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!" and "Let's discuss wills." It will most likely be an explanation of Elly's tears. There is a rational reason for Elly's reaction. As we all know, his death would devastate her both financially and emotionally. What effect would her death have on him, though? It seems to me that there would be an asymmetry of sorts. I think that Elly's fear is that he'd have a bit of trouble adjusting but, after a few weeks at the latest, he'd be doing just fine in both departments. I just know we're going to be beaten over the head with the argument "You don't care about me because you can replace me" or some such thing.

Actually, it's the third strip in the sequence and John is the one that talks about being replaced.

Panel 1: It's late at night and John has decided that when he goes, Elly should remarry. That's almost big of him but I think she's already decided that for herself.

Panel 2: Just for curiosity's sake, though, what kind of guy would she choose if things came to that.

Panel 3: The kind that doesn't spring this sort of stuff on her at two in the blessed AM.

Summary: We'll probably get the third strip later in the week. Tomorrow's strip will be the "How the hell did you end up with me?" one, though.

ETA: Forget strip number two. Strip number two is like RetConnie's marriage to Pete Landry; it never happened. That's because it shows RetJohn in a positive, sympathetic light. Instead, we'll see strips that confirm RevElly's right to not appreciate him in the least.