October 6th, 2008

winding road

Thérèse: The Unauthorised Biography

Apologies for the long delay - I've been crazy busy, and then my computer was stolen (grrrr). Here's a small section for now.

Part 4

Thérèse still hadn’t had time to meet the Pattersons by the time the autumn semester got underway. Between her studies, her social life, and occasional contract work with Mr. Caine’s firm, she simply didn’t have time.

But she had already learned more about this strange family than she cared to know. Ever since their first visit to Milborough, Anthony wouldn’t stop talking about them.

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Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

aprilp_katje pointed out that all three of these strips are likely to appear during the exciting "the Pattersons discuss insurance" arc. To get a little off topic, it should be noted that just as it took decades for Mike to voluntarily rake up leaves, it took an equally long time for Elly to contemplate the prospect of John's passing without giving way to the paralysis that descended upon her when she was younger. That being said, if it is one of the three, I'll indicate which one and give you my thoughts on it.

ETA: You may have noticed she handles herself a lot better in the later two. The paralysis I'm talking about occurred when he and Phil got lost in the woods a few years later. She sort of fell apart because she just couldn't handle thinking about life without him.

It's Strip number One.

Panel 1: JSF tells Elly that he has to deicde how much insurance he needs to get on his equipment; he switches from that to saying he has to protect against illness or accident.

Panel 2: He then asks her how much he should insure himself against death or dismemberment for considering their yearly expenses. He wants to make sure his family is provided for if he goes because he's too vain and chauvinistic to consider the option "Wife gets a job and supports family in case of his death or disability."

Panel 3: Her response is to weep openly and loudly. Is it because of his cold-blooded, matter-of-fact way of discussing his own passing and/or mutilation? His lack of faith in her? Who knows?

Summary: That's because the punchline is that he's a morbid jerk who doesn't care about her feelings. The notion that he's being a sensible person worried about something real is lost on Lynn. Figuring out why this might be will take all week.