October 5th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 6 October 2008

As you know, we're inching ever closer to the Glorious Return of Farley, the Beloved Wonder (why they call the shaggy doofus that) Dog. The current format leads me to believe we'll get superfluous strips that show us John and Mrs Baird figuring out what lie to tell Elly.

That'll have to wait, though. Remember Saturday's strip and how Mike pwned John? History repeats itself.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike asking John what he's reading. When told 'a life insurance policy', he asks what that is.

Panel 2: He indirectly explains it by saying that if something happened to him and he couldn't work, he'd want the family to have something to live on for a while. You will note that his careful planning distinctly excludes the option "wife gets a job and takes care of the family." His repulsive vanity prevents him from taking that option (or her) seriously.

Panel 3: And if (we should be so lucky) he croaked, it would cover his funeral and lots of other expenses.

Panel 4: It's a difficult subject to discuss, despite his just having done that with a five-year-old, but money is a great thing to have in an emergency. This prompts the target of his wall of text to ask him something.

Panel 5: Namely "How much are you worth?" Given that he categorically rejects the idea that his wife is capable of taking care of the family in his absence, sweet dick all as we Canadians say. You'd say sweet Eff all but you get my point.

Summary: I'm not sure if this is new or old. All I know is that I hate it.

ETA: It's a new-run. It's also Lynn's way of asking herself how much her ex has stashed away that she can legally claim.

ETA2: It would seem that aprilp_katje is right to assume that this is a lead-in to a series of three strips wherein John discusses insurance with Elly. Suffice to say that it does not go well due to Elly's desperately not wanting to think about life without JSF.