October 4th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 5 October 2008

As I was coming home from a walk yesterday, I noticed something really interesting. You see, it had been an overcast day and as the clouds were breaking up, the sunlight hit one of them in such a way as to produce a faint but noticeable rainbow. I thought to myself that this sort of wonder would be lost on Elly. She'd just moan about how that meant that the night would be cold.

This puts me in the perfect mood to discuss today's reprint. As shoebox2 hoped yesterday, John and Michael rebel against Elly's tyranny by enjoying themselves.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike happily playing in a pile of leaves.

Panel 2: This causes John to yell at him to get outta the leaf pile.

Panel 3: He starts ranting about how he went to a lot of trouble to rake that pile of leaves at the behest of a joyless drip who can't stand to be idle and wants to fill everyone's lives with meaningless chores.

Panel 4: Then he comes along and wants to actually enjoy things.

Panel 5: Mike then flicks a leaf in his dad's face.

Panel 6: John stops ranting and remembers what it was like not to have his life filled with meaningless busywork.

Panel 7: John and Mike play happily in the leaf pile.

Summary: If he'd tried that with Elly, he'd have gotten yelled at. As it stands, they both got yelled at when Lady Buzzkill showed up. What's more, when Farley came along she ordered John to rake his poo in the pile so that Mike would learn that enjoying life is an evil impulse that must be conquered. Since she does not have it in her to be relaxed or carefree, she wants to make damned sure no one else is.