October 1st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 2 October 2008

It would seem to me that Elly's promise to have fifty percent real Classic Foob means that we're going to be subjected to two weeks of new-runs and two weeks of the Pattersons adopting and adapting to Fauxley, the adult dog that that nice old lady couldn't take with her when she went to the home. That being said, let's see how RevElly martyrs herself today.

Apparently, she's the only one trying to keep the marriage together.

Panel 1: It's nighttime at the Pattermanse and we see RetJohn and RevElly in bed. She tells him that RetConnie says that she doesn't appreciate him like she should.

Panel 2: You see, she says that she dwells way too much on petty personal stuff and ignoring the working partnership they do have.

Panel 3: His response: to turn over in his sleep. His arm lands on her chest with an audible WHUMPH! Lynn no doubt wants us to think that he's not considerate enough to stay awake all night obsessing about the health of his marriage or listening to long-winded rantings about it. The simpler explanation is that he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow while his wife takes hours to go to sleep.

Panel 4: Since RetJohn is supposed to be a boor and a slob, RevElly's comment that she'd know if there were something wrong with their marriage is meant to be the bitterest of ironies. Too bad that she subverts her anti-husband message by having RetJohn embrace his martyr.

Summary: Silly RetConnie! It's not RevElly who is the underappreciated one! Not with Lynn writing this, anyway.

ETA: As noted below, this is Classic Foob. Let's see how KAN reacts to alternating the real old stuff with fake old stuff.

ETA2: We have a new banner to contend with. This has Elly trying to rake leaves only to have Nizzie playing in the them.