September 27th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Even though we're coming to the end of the all new-run era, it seems likely that the Sunday strips will be inferior duplicates of classic material for some time. The only entertaining thing is figuring out what Lynn has changed to suit her current needs.

Panel 1: We start out at a restaurant with RevElly and four other women. She raises her glass and says "To us."

Panel 2: They not only toast themselves, they toast their momentary conversion into white silhouettes.

Panel 3: As the server brings them their meals, they talk.

Panel 4: Then they talk some more.

Panel 5: For some reason, RevElly checks her watch and says "Whoa!"

Panel 6: She says that due to the late hour, she has to go. One of her friends says she must also leave.

Panel 7: As the server brings them the check, a third woman points out they've been away from the kids so long, they'll have to pay big time.

Panel 8: The young lady says "Baby-sitters?" RevElly says "Nope."

Panel 9: She responds "Husbands." She and the other women laugh uproariously because they too have asshole prick husbands who begrudge them a social life.

Summary: This strip serves two purposes. First, it retcons RevElly's social life so that she has one. Second, it makes Rod look like a domineering pinhead who resented every second she had that wasn't devoted to servicing his petty whims.