September 23rd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It would seem that we are, in fact, being subjected to a series of "gag-a-day" strips. It should be noted that this is an accurate description in that it is a test of our collective gag reflex. That being said, let's see what sort of inferior replica of the Early Years Lynn subjects us to now.

It's MikeClone being filled with angst.

Panel 1: Although the camera angle makes it look as if the statement that people like girls better than boys (especially when they're babies) is RetJohn breaking the news to MikeClone that he'd better suck it up and deal, it's actually MikeClone pouring his heart out to his dad. Note to Lynn: you used to be able to show us who was talking in the old-runs. WTH happened to your draftsmanship?

Panel; 2: MikeClone starts in with the "Nobody loves me/Everybody loves NeoLizic" mantra that justified years of "Lizardbreath" as a means of payback. RetJohn tries nipping that in the bud by telling him that's not true. We've seen almost thirty years of that not working worth a damn.

Panel 3: He then tries and fails to console his son by informing him that toddlers like Liz need more attention than kindergartners. As a larger child, he can take care of himself more than she can.

Panel 4: The reason he fails is that a five-year-old will misinterpret his statement to mean that he's ready for adult responsibilities. In MikeClone's case, that means driving lessons.

Summary: This might not mean driving lessons but it might make RetJohn think that getting MikeClone a PUPPY might make him feel better. At least that's what he'll tell RevElly to pressure her into getting Fauxley a few weeks from now.

ETA: In case anyone cares, Panel 3 is the source of the latest banner.
Hells Yes!

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Dredging back up the topic of marrying high school sweethearts, it came to my attention today that a high school classmate, Karen, married her high school boyfriend, or if they weren't dating then they at least knew each other, making her the second person I know of who married a HS sweetheart. There were about 530 people in our graduating class and I have no doubt there are more couples who tied the knot I'm not aware of. Draw whatever conclusions you wish. Just thought I'd toss it out there for whatever conversational value it might have.

If you think Millborough's a small world, try this on for size. I went to nursery school with Karen and her younger sister. The other classmate I know of who married her HS sweetheart, he went to the same nursery school as Karen and me. Eight years ago, I worked for a time with one of my former daycare teachers at Strong Museum of Play. It took some getting used to, having an adult-type friendly relationship with a woman who was fully mature when you were barely out of diapers. Only slightly less jarring than having adult conversation with an old teacher and calling her by her first name. ;) I'd love to reconnect with a few others I go waaaaaaaaaaay back with so I need to get my butt in gear and do it.