September 18th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 19 September 2008

The theme this week has become clear: AnnePrime has been established as someone RevElly can feel good about feeling superior to. This contrasts with the original version of the strip wherein Anne made Elly feel inadequate; now that AnnePrime has been "shown" to be a deluded boob, she can be RevElly's "friend".

Today, she's revealed to envy RetConnie instead of pity and/or hate her like she used to.

Panel 1: As she tucks Richard2 into NeoLizic's crib, she outright states that she does envy RetConnie by times owing to her not having a husband to mess up her life.

Panel 2: The erstwhile earth-mother goes on to state that she has a good job and only the one child: a son who isn't in diapers. AnnePrime is thus not the same woman who was confused and outraged that Connie was a working single mother who had a kid out of wedlock.

Panel 3: She further proves herself to be a different person by listing all the neat stuff RetConnie can do: go to the gym, travel, date and all manner of wonderful things denied to a mere housewife. She's so envious that she wishes she could trade places with her. RevElly says she can see that.

Panel 4: She can also see that RetConnie wishes that she were in AnnePrime's place. (Except for the philandering boob part, that is.)

Summary: Tomorrow, the stupid coda to "RevElly is better than her other friend too" week.