September 17th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 18 September 2008

It's day four of AnnePrime's not-really-a-break at the Pattermanse and the re-imagined Christopher (who I've named Christoclone) has been established as not having what we'd call manners. It fits with his mother not having what I'd call sense or a backbone. After all, the whole point of yesterday's strip was that her son had to pay a Patterclone tribute for the privilege of being in his presence. I can hardly wait to see what other stupid thing she'll do.

She's feeding RevElly a straight line.

Panel 1: She starts off by asking if RetConnie has found a Sig-O yet. RevElly says that she hasn't and that she should stop looking.

Panel 2: Relationships happen when they happen, you see. Actually doing something about your life leaves you frustrated and upset so it's best to be passive and have things thrust in your lap.

Panel 3: AnnePrime calls shenanigans on this. It's human nature to want to look. If you're lonely, you automatically check people out.

Panel 4: This gives RevElly an in to mock her "friend" by asking if she herself is checking people out. After all, with NeoSteve not "There For Her", she's obviously lonely so it's only right if a judgmental nit with her hair in a ponytail check to see if she's checking.

Summary: Elly Patterson Must Die.