September 16th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

It's day three of the "RevElly looks down her slowly-swelling nose at AnnePrime" story arc. What has been established so far is that she is too married to being married to admit that things are not going well between NeoSteve and herself. It will also end in RevElly being either grateful to have RetJohn or more suspicious of him. Either way, we're just killing time until Lynn's big, slobbering, shaggy meal ticket arrives.

Actually, it's MikeClone having to take what he dished out last week.

Panel 1: We start out with AnnePrime telling Christoclone to share his raisins with MikeClone. After he refuses, she reminds him not to be selfish.

Panel 2: The blond kid gives MikeClone the stinkeye.

Panel 3: He then spits some of his raisins into his palm.

Panel 4: And then offers his hostess's son the mucus and germ-covered treats.

Panel 5: He next tells his mother, who watched the stomach-turning transaction, that MikeClone didn't want any.

Summary: If it were any other child, I'd feel sorry for him. Also, I'd expect that the tow-headed little boy would next express genuine confusion that his mother meant to share the raisins that were left in the box.

ETA: Check out the new banner on the Foob page. It's about time she put MikeClone on the page again.