September 14th, 2008

Lady Candiru

Monday, 15 September 2008

As we begin the third week of the new-runs, we've learned that the Neo-Core Four are pretty much the people who existed last month in much younger bodies. This tells me that we might be in for a week of NeoLizic driving MikeClone bonko so as to make him bitterly resent her presence.

Actually, we're in for a weeklong pity party with RevElly and AnniePrime as they play Musical Martyrs. Perhaps they're complaining because when their heads are in profile, their eyes vanish.

Panel 1: RevElly walks over to AnniePrime's place for a friendly chat. She asks her how things are going and receives an "OK, I guess."

Panel 2: You see, NeoSteve is off cheating on her, Richard2 has a cold, her dryer's busted and she's outta diapers.

Panel 3: RevElly invites her and the kids over for a tea break.

Panel 4: A break, you see, is good as a rest.

Panel 5: They both share a Muppet-mouthed laugh as AnniePrime asks who rests.

Summary: Oh, super. A week-long infodump. The plan must be to bore us to death.