September 13th, 2008

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 14 September 2008

It's the first new-run strip that shows RetJohn at his dentist's office. As could be expected, the patient is a cantankerous mutant which leaves Dr. P. whining about how hard it was for him to do the job he trained for.

Panel 1: JeanPrime tells said mutant, a Mister Fuddmulch that RetJohn will see him, now.

Panel 2: Instead of pointing out she used a comma in between him and now when she shouldn't have, the man asks if it will hurt.

Panel 3: He then asks RetJohn the same thing.

Panel 4: Instead of making a joke about the bill being the only pain he'll be subjected to, RetJohn (who's wearing a mask and gloves like dentists do nowadays) says just a twinge of discomfort. The mutant wants to feel no pain.

Panel 5: You see, the larval Mel Kelpfroth has a low pain threshhold.

Panel 6: RetJohn applies the topical anesthetic which elicits an "AAAAARGH".

Panel 7: He then asks if the man is relaxed before proceeding.

Panel 8: We skip ahead to after the procedure. A delighted Fuddmulch marvels that that was easy. He felt nothing after the topical was applied.

Panel 9: JeanPrime then asks her boss how he's holding up. Not so good, he's afraid.

Panel 10: He's in pain for some reason, you see.

Summary: Whether it's RetJohn or Real John, his practice would be so much easier if he didn't have to deal with patients.