September 10th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 11 September 2008

It's Day Four of Lynn's Focus On RetConnie. So far, she's been established as having the same general NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to have a MAAAAYYYYYYUUUUNNNNN in her life as the original version. I have the odd feeling that she might tell RevisedElly to be glad she has RetJohn some time this week.

She should probably be telling RevisedElly to rope in her greedy brat.

Panel 1: We start off with RevisedElly on the back porch telling MikeClone and LawrencePrime to come in because it's geting cold.

Panel 2: RetConnie thanks RevisedElly for the tea and says it's time she and the future Straight Gay went home. As she does so, RevisedElly offers her some horse-turdscookies by saying they can't possibly eat them all.

Panel 3: The causes MikeClone to remember that he's a Patterson and say "Of course we can." RevisedElly, who wants to hide the fact that she and her family are filthy gluttons, tells him not to be rude.

Panel 4: Being subjected the Delicate Genius's stale imitation of Dennis Mitchell causes RetConnie to say that she has stuff at home. Or at least that's what she said later on when asked. I wonder if RevisedElly realizes that making food that looks like excrement might turn off normal people.

Panel 5: In any event, as he chokes down his mother's awful cooking, MikeClone proves that he's a budding genius by thought-bubbling a bad rhyme to celebrate his victory.

Summary: New-Run Foob: Come for the dog, stay for the forced wordplay.