September 8th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

So, it looks like we're in for a week of Lynn trying to retcon away Elly's inattentiveness in order to provide Kool-Aid Nation with the ammunition they need to disprove any claims that the Pattersons don't look out for their kids. I wonder what example of half-assed overparenting she'll subject Lizzie to today?

Hmmm.... It looks like we're talking to Connie this week.

Panel 1: Connie starts off by wishing that she too could have a daughter. Lawrence means the world to her but she'd give anything to give him a kid sister so she can be a MOBZilla someday. This is where knowing the future makes things worse because we know that's a wish that won't come close to coming true.

Panel 2: Elly asks Connie is she sees herself getting remarried to which Connie says that she lied when she told people she was married to Pablo.

Panel 3: Having accepted the premise that Pete Landry never existed, Elly says that she knew that but she must still think about him. Connie agrees that he's still with her.

Panel 4: Lawrence then comes in to remind her that he's going outside with Mike. She says OK....

Panel 5: And then thought-bubbles that the good doctor is still the younger man she had her affair with. (I choose to ignore the horrific alternative that suggests that Connie lusts after her son on some level.)

Summary: Forget her bio and established history, folks. There never was any such person as Peter Landry.
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I forget which article about the end of Foob I read it in, but one of them made reference to those of us who love to hate the strip, which brought the song I Love to Hate You by Erasure to mind. It keeps popping back into my head, so I thought I'd share the lyrics and maybe that doesn't sound so disturbing to those around me when I have to start singing it under my breath in public. *evil smile*

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And then there's Sucks to be You. A guy I knew years ago burned some CDs for me with music I wanted and this was among the three 'bonus' tracks he put on the second one. Considering the other two were Hold You in my Arms by Bad Boys Blue and a dance version of Truly Madly Deeply, I wasn't sure what to make of Sucks to be You, so I tried not to think about. ;p There are two version I found lyrics for and they both seem aprops, so I'll post the lyrics for both.

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