September 6th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Here we are with the first Sunday strip of the new era and it features an old, familiar pattern: Mike being a creep and Elly indulging him.

Panel 1: We start things off with Lawrence telling Mike that he's lucky he's got a sister.

Panel 2: As Lizzie pulls his hair, Mike shoots back that Lawrence is lucky he doesn't. Insert rejoinder about her not doing things on purpose, you snotty little creep here. She's six month old so shut up and fricking DEAL!!

Panel 3: Elly shows up and tells Mike that she's like for him and Lawrence to play with Lizzie as she needs company. His response? "AWWWWW!"

Panel 4: He points out that they've got other stuff to do, stuff that they can't with Lizzie around. Elly says "Please" and Mike says why.

Panel 5: The 'why' is that she'd like to talk to Connie and she can't do that with Lizzie in tow any more than he could stare off blankly into space with her present. Mike moans that he doesn't want to play with her (because she's breathing HIS air, the entitled little bastard) while Elly would really like him to.

Panel 6: He whines that he doesn't want to and it's unfair to ask. She folds because she doesn't want to make a scene in front of company.

Panel 7: Connie calls Elly out on giving in too damned quickly. Elly's response is that if she forces the issue, he'll resent Liz even more than he already does. This wisdom will last until Liz is too big to stay put. After that, she'll stop worrying about his feelings and expect instant harmony.

Panel 8: Connie suggests trying the old "You owe us food and shelter so you do as we say" bit. That comes later.

Panel 9: Elly pulls rank on Connie by saying she only has one child with the implication that her advice is useless. Picking up on that "I'm-better-than-you" vibe, Connie asks "So?"

Panel 10: The need to drive home her point causes Elly to start to mutate into Flapandhonk and thought-bubble that Connie can't be referee if she doesn't know the rules.

Summary: Lynn might indeed be trying to retcon away flapping and honking but she sure hasn't gotten as far as blue-penciling smug stupidity and brattiness. I mean, Connie only has one kid and her opinion is worthless? Does that mean that Elly can't talk about families with three kids until April comes into the picture?

The fbofw website

Has anyone had a close look at the tabs at the top of the website?

Let's see, Elly's up there a few times, John--check, Liz--check, April--check, Farley is there twice despite being dead for a decade or whatever.

Mike--totally not there.

Click on the strip fix tab, and who pops up? Elly and... Farley....

Sorry, Aaron. Mommy loves your dead dog more than you.