September 5th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 6 September 2008

As we end the first week of the New-Runs, we can see that we're building up to the pay-off this October: the transformation of the strip into something one poster called "For Farley or For Worse" as Mike finally gets that puppy he wants to ignore and leave Elly to look after. When that happens, the over-focus on the dog will turn this into another bland dom-com like "Blondie" or "Hi and Lois".

Panel 1: We shift performers as John asks what, in fact, is wrong with getting the kids a dog. As Elly puts Lizzie to bed, she says they aren't responsible enough. Insert remark about her crappy parenting making them incapable of ever being responsible here.

Panel 2: John continues to plead the case for a dog, which he could name Farley, by pointing out that they could learn to be responsible. Besides, dogs provide entertainment, exercise that isn't walking down to Tim Hortons to gorge yourself and complain about being fat and ugly, they're loving, smart, et cetera.

Panel 3: As always, the more someone tries to convince Elly of something, the more she digs her heels in. She now angrily refuses to get the kids a dog.

Panel 4: John then whines "What about ME?" What about you, John? Do you think you deserve anything besides a kick to the rocks, the way you treat her.

Summary: Watch over the coming weeks as Mike notices Old Lady Baird and her puppies. See John manipulate Elly into getting a dog she doesn't want because she feels sorry for the furry little victim. See me snark this crap.