September 3rd, 2008

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Thérèse: The Unauthorised Biography

Part 3

By the spring, University was becoming a rush of activity for Thérèse. Her workload was enormous, but she was enthusiastic about it now that the beginners courses were behind her. She was getting into the finer points of management and entrepreneurship, and beginning to imagine a career that appealed to her creative, competitive nature. And in the meantime she was still dancing, still playing music, still taking in as much new knowledge and experience as she could.

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New Lynn Interview with Macleans

I heard about this article in the FOOB thread at the Crown Princess board and thought that I would look for a link and post it here. It includes some new insight into the ending of her marriage.

A couple interesting parts:

1) She didn't care if people liked it or not; she was going to have Anthony and Elizabeth get married, dammit!

Q: Retelling the Patterson family story with new storylines is either supreme artistic catharsis or supreme regression.

A: [Laughs] Actually it's one of those neat experiments that you know is working as soon as you get started on it. At first I thought: "Maybe it should go back and forth in time." But the year that I tried that was a year that I had some personal chaos and found it awfully hard to concentrate. It didn't flow. Also I would have to keep developing the characters and I would have even less time than I have now to do it. So I ended the story. It comes to a full stop the last week of August. The whole month of August has been the wedding of Anthony and Elizabeth. Some people are thrilled with the wedding, some people aren't. I don't care. They're happy, they want to get married, and it's going to be good. And, really, the whole story is about marriage and how you deal with the for-better-or-for-worse, and that was what I wanted to point out.

2) Maybe the part in bold is the reason why she had Liz leave Mtiwakkawakka and never look back...

Q: But recently you recycled an old strip in which Elly has a recurrent dream that [her husband] John leaves her for another woman.

A: Yes, it was so prophetic I thought, "You know what? I'm going to just throw that in there." I think it's funny; it's so déjà vu.

Q: So that was a dream that you had during your own marriage?

A: Well, [my former husband] worked with beautiful women ever since I met him. He's a dentist. He has hygienists and front-desk girls, and there are usually eight girls around him all the time, and he used to travel to the Native villages taking his staff with him, and people in the town would look at me as if to say, "Well, girl, join the club," because in a small northern mining town there's a lot of horsing around, and the joke was you can steal a man's wife, but you don't touch his woodpile, you know? It was rampant.

You can read the full article (three pages) here at
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Thursday, 4 September 2008

We left off with Mike about to kill Fred the Fish with a wooden spoon in order to make him a more exciting pet. It doesn't take too much foresight to realize that will cause Elly to materialize, unhinge her jaw and start yelling. Of course, John could be the one to beam in and use that wooden spoon on our hero. In any event. Mike will be declared pet-unready by the end of the week.

Panel 1: We see Elly, who is carrying a large pile of laundry, come into the kitchen and ask Mike what he's doing with the wooden spoon. He explains that since Fred looks bored, he and Lawrence are going to stir him up.

Panel 2: She takes the spoon away and says, in a calm tone of voice, that that isn't a good idea and to just watch him. He goes "Aww" because he wanted to see Fred zoom around like he was jet-propelled. I'm going "Aww" because I wanted to see Elly flip out. It would seem that Lynn wants to retcon flapping and honking clean out of existence.

Panel 3: She explains that he likes to swim around looking for food and enjoying the view. Mike grumpily admits that he knows.

Panel 4: He thought-bubbles that he wants him to do it faster.

Summary: The lack of proper equipment is what will kill Fred. Mike will still be declared unfit, though.