September 2nd, 2008

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L.A. Times ponders the future of FOOBery

From the LA Times readers representative blog:
The features editor who oversees the comic strips, Sherry Stern, says readers will have a say on the future of FBOFW in the Times. "For the next five weeks, The Times will run 'For Better or for Worse' daily and Sunday, so people can see it for themselves. After that we’ll let readers sample three new comics. When we last sampled comics (during 'Doonesbury’s' vacation), we heard from hundreds of comics fans. We again welcome comments.

"Once all four comics have run and readers have had a chance to share their thoughts, we’ll make a selection," Stern said.

Comments are welcome at comics (at) or by leaving a message at the readers' representative line, at 877-554-4000.
Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's the third day of the "Prelude to Farley" story line and certain things should already be apparent. For instance, Mike is learning that pets are disposable and Elly has no gumption. Later, he'll learn that he can play her off against John in order to stir up the pot. Like I said, this new-run is dedicated to the proposition that failure is the only option.

Panel 1: Here we are in the kitchen. Mike explains to Lawrence that Elly got him a fish named Fred.

Panel 2: Lawrence asks what he does. Mike says "Nothing much".

Panel 3: He then confirms Lawrence's supposition that that must be pretty boring.

Panel 4: This inspires him to take a large spoon out of the drawer and stir things up for Fred.

Summary: Because no one asked for it, Lynn depicts the dawn of Mike, the Pointlessly Destructive.