September 1st, 2008

nectarines, duh

The Washington Post Drops FOOB

I opened my Washington Post this morning, and was surprised to see no sign of Lynn Johnston at all. Apparently, The Post has passed on the reruns. I'm shocked by this, I had no idea it was coming; though maybe some of you did. I am always the last to hear inside news :) But I am glad to see such a major paper give space to new artists, surprise that it was.

Here was the explanation:

Today, The Post debuts a new strip, "Little Dog Lost," to replace "For Better or for Worse," which has concluded its first-run originals. The new strip, by Steve Boreman, chronicles the adventures of the title canine with a cast of characters from the natural world. "For Better or For Worse," which is being continued as modified reruns, will be available online at As always, we welcome reader feedback on this or any other feature on our comics pages. Call our comics hotline at 202-334-4775, email or write to: Comics Feedback, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.

So based on this, it sure looks to me like the "modified reruns" (I like that!) don't have legs. I just really hope The Post is not flooded with complaints from the refrigerator crowd...
Indignant Candiru

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Well, here we are at the second day of Lynn's Great Big Miscalculation. Will we continue on with Mike's campaign to get a dog or will we see him be annoying in another way?

Panel 1: We're back at an oddly blank-looking Pattermanse because Lynn decided she no longer likes the delightfully cluttered backgrounds that we all used to associate with the strip. John asks Elly why she bought Mike a goldfish. Her answer: he wanted a dog and getting a fish is easier.

Panel 2: She goes on to say he has to learn to be responsible for a pet. Translation: when the thing dies in a week, she can get on her high horse and say he ain't ready for a pet. No wonder he's effed up with her pulling crap like that.

Panel 3: We then see another annoying hallmark of the last years: silhouettes. To be specific, those of John and Elly. She says that if Mike does well with the fish, she'll let him get a pet higher up the food chain.

Panel 4: Instead of asking why there's a fog bank in his house, Mike asks if that means they'll get him a pet that will eat Fred the Fish.

Summary: This isn't really the classic style as much as it is Lynn's take on it. This foul-up won't last long enough to be there when the children's book comes out. Elly is still made of fail. Farley is still dead.

ETA: The banner has reverted to congratulating Lynn on unleashing a concept that's doomed to failure on the world. I wonder when she'll finally have her own personal spinning-butterfly-naked-boy-army moment and hang up the brush for good.