August 31st, 2008

I'm not quitting either!

I started this blog in March of 2005 because I wanted snarkers to have one place to talk about Foob and only Foob, and have it permanent. I was tired of Foob-specific sites petering out, and I was tired of getting "meh" reactions on r.a.c.s. and having to wait for CC to single out Foob strips.

I've said many times that it's because of you guys that I've maintained this blog through thick and thin, through season finales of Lost and out-of-town journeys, through warning letters from Corbeil and LJ hiccups. It has never been about me, and it's not entirely about Foob. It's the community, always has been, and will continue to be. It's the observations posters make, the anecdotes and information shared. I know where you guys are when I need you.

So this blog is not going anywhere. It will stay open as long as there are people who want to snark, or to discuss Foob in any capacity. Like if Beth puts up more lieographies, for instance. And there's always Calvinsdad for discussing other strips. "A clock does not stop working at the moment you lose the key." -- Victor Hugo.
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I'm not sure if this person is one of the more passionate members of the KAN or mocking Foob. I'd like to think they're mocking because...well, watch the vid and read the information and you'll understand:

Those more awake than I was when I posted this have pointed out it's a snark. Go forth and enjoy and do look at the information. It's snark-a-licious:
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1 September 2008: Cold Opening, Failed Artist.....

Here we are at the beginning of the New-Runs. Will Lynn have Elly at the reception talking about the past again or is my hunch that the clock suddenly turn back without warning correct?

Comics Curmudgeon mainstay poteet confirmed my suspicion that Lynn went right back to Early Years without any sort of explanation. Lynn, A Failure Is You!!

Panel 1: Here we are, back in the past. We see Young Elly walking down Main Street Milborough with Mike and Liz in tow. Looking at a woman in sunglasses carrying a dachsund puts the idea of wanting a dog in Mike's head and he thus pleads with Elly for a puppy.

Panel 2: Her response: she doesn't want a dog. He says it would be his dog.

Panel 3: He says that he would take care of it and then follows that with a barrage of "Pleases". The realization that she'd be the one to shriek at it because of her stupid assumption (that she'll never shake) that it's supposed to behave like a sixty-one year old wash-up in a dog suit vause her eyes to disappear and reiterate her refusal.

Panel 4: He then asks if he can have something else that's alive.

Summary: Although this is new, it IS close enough in style to the older material to confuse people into thinking that it's Classic Foob. This is a double-edged sword because a lot of newspaper editors night think that it's straight re-runs and drop it.

ETA: Well, at least the original secondary characters still have a place in the New Order of things. Why else would Connie be featured in the current banner?