August 29th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Well, here we are at the last daily before the new-run format is unleashed. My gut feeling is that we'll see a glurgetacular Wall of Text starring Anthony and Liz. Isn't it great that we have a snap-back to twenty-six years ago this Monday? That'll mean Assbreath won't matter for another twelve to fifteen years!

I was two-thirds right.

Panel 1: As Anthony stands there like a wooden Jesus in a country graveyard, Liz reminds Iris yet again that Jim is lucky to have her given that she's taken such good care of her. Iris doesn't have too much resentment left in her so she just says that they're both lucky.

Panel 2: Liz counters that by saying that there's so much that he can no longer do for himself and doing this day after day cannot be easy. Iris agrees.

Panel 3: It's not about taking it easy, though. Iris states that the commitment they made means giving till it hurts and beyond. Whether it means keeping his idiot daughter from injecting her worthless presence into their lives is one for the philosophers.

Panel 4: She goes on to reinforce the message that it's a promise to be there no matter how bad things get that makes you who you are so you'd better give it your all AND get in a dig at Rod.

Panel 5: After all, the phrase "For Better or For Worse" is more than the title of a lousy comic strip, more than the title of a lousy comic strip. It's how people are meant to live. Their conversion to silhouettes must be the meta touch we were warned about as it signifies that we're fading to black on everyone.

At the bottom of the panel, Lynn thanks her victimsreaders for 29 great years.

Summary: Check that entry off the Settlepocalypse bingo card. On to the Strip of Destiny and the new-runs because what happens after this no longer matters.