August 28th, 2008

sunrise over Pilot Butte

Jim - Friday - Dead or Alive?

Pardon me, but, shall we have a call?

I call dead, as 1) Anthony told Elly that they'd stay a bit longer - when it appears that Jim's already asleep again.
2) Liz is wearing the Miracle!Overdone!Dress  
3) Lynn promised no more deaths - and we know what her word is worth 
4) Saturday we learn that April is going to the university, all expenses paid due to her wonderful scholarship and work on the farm.

And of course, since Anthony/Liz are together in Twu Luv, Jim needs to be with his, and, sorry, Iris, she ain't you (poor thing).

Indignant Candiru

Friday, 29 August 2008

This is the second-to-last daily strip before the new-runs occur. I, myself, have a theory as to what will really happen. It seems to me that we'll skip ahead in time a bit and have Liz and Anthony's son (shudder) say something like "So that's why my name is James." Saturday will have a bad pun using the phrase "For better or for worse", Sunday will be the strip of destiny and Labor Day will have Liz talk about her childhood.

Well, I guess I was wrong. It's time to play Wall of Text and our contestants are Liz and Iris.

Panel 1: Iris leads off by yelling Liz that watching over Jim reminds her of when she was a young mother. She used to watch over her children just like this, just like this.

Panel 2: Liz says that she too wants children to screech at one day. Iris sets up the strip of destiny by telling her she's sure she will. She then delivers a chunk of verbiage about teaching him about Life's complexities, joys and sorrows.

Panel 3: She then says she now knows something about life in that it takes courage to live it to the fullest. Jim has courage. Liz agrees.

Panel 4: She goes on to remind Iris that Jim has her. I wonder if she'll remind her that Jim will be dancing with his Twoo Wuv into the Great White Void tomorrow.

Summary: All we need now is for Iris to tell Liz that she's become a buttercup of the winter to which Liz replies that that's fool talk.

Prediction: Kindly ignore my crack about Jim and Marian. It's obvious that tomorrow's strip will be Anthony and Liz's turn at playing Wall of Text. For Better or For Worse: in with realism, out with glurge.